ENDURO THIN AIR - LOWER MUSTANG TRAILS, NEPAL is not only about amazing mountain biking, it also has an incredible cultural experience that makes this a TRUE HOLIDAY! There’s a reason why Nepal is on most of the bikers bucket list! The surreal desert-like landscape of Lower Mustang provides the best biking trails available in the region. The 10-Day mountain bike tour is a fully supported trip into the most stunningly beautiful and remote parts of the world. With a mix of single tracks and jeep tracks, suspension bridges and technical bits here and there, Mustang trails promise a thrilling time hammering down the hills! 

We tackle the high mountain trails surrounded by seemingly lost in time, pick up dust against the headwinds and savor the sights while riding lower mustang trails. These MTB holidays in Mustang have been tailored to make sure you enjoy the best riding, food, culture and everything in between. Epic descents and awesome single tracks - with vehicle support from DAY ONE! 

Mountain biking in the Mustang region is simply sensational. From the Loose and rugged terrain of Lubra to the dramatic steep rock garden at 3500m – you simply can’t go wrong on a Mountain bike here! Embrace 2 of the tallest mountains in the world while you hammer down from 4200m to 2800m in a day!! 


Be guided by locals, meet like-minded people who simply love to ride and enjoy Himalayan panoramas that will simply take your breath away.

Are you ready for a FANTASTIC HOLIDAY?



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